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After more than thirty years in the business, Michael Schojer certainly knows how to choose his roofing materials. And when it comes right down to it, only one manufacturer will do for Denver’s tile roofing expert and owner of Specialty Roofing, and that’s Erlus. Who Are They? You probably haven’t heard of Erlus before. Well,…

Raising the Roof

Posted on Nov 06, 2013

Michael Schojer Specialty Roofing was recently featured in Urabn Home Magazine and we wanted to share the wonderful article with everyone in case you missed it. Enjoy! In every language, the common phrase of having a “roof over my head” has long been associated with having our basic needs met. You can find this phrase…

Commercial Roofing

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

Imagine you’re headed to your favorite department or grocery store. Or maybe even the doctor’s office. Those groceries you’ve got to buy or that appointment you’ve got to make is filling every inch of your brain and you definitely aren’t thinking about something as unremarkable as the roof over your head while you do it,…

The German Roofer Difference

Posted on Aug 27, 2013

Roofing in the United States What does it take to become a roofer in the United States? Not just anyone can get up on your roof and repair or replace it; though some might try! Always make sure the roofer you hire is a licensed professional. Each state, and sometimes city, has its own requirements…

Maintaining Your Tile Roof

Posted on Jul 08, 2013

So you’ve got a Denver tile roof and you’re feeling good because you know that roof is probably going to outlive you. No worries in that department. (Never mind that you’ve got mice living in your basement and a hole in your bedroom wall from when you kicked your shoe off a little too aggressively….

Slate Roofs: What You Need to Know

Posted on Jun 10, 2013

9H764NUSKJ7G When admiring the exterior of a home or other building, we tend to focus on the façade. We notice how the color of the brick coordinates perfectly with the stone (or not), the asymmetrical combination of arched and square windows, or, probably most often, what we would have done differently if it were our…

Pros of Copper Gutters

Posted on May 20, 2013

Have you given any thought to your gutters lately? Unless you’ve built your own house or replaced the gutters on an existing structure, you probably haven’t given much, if any, thought to your gutters. Maybe you should. Gutters are an important part of every structure. You probably know gutters collect water run-off and deposit it…